Online Search Marketing

In a busy tech world, most business’s fail due to super poor Online Search Marketing. They rely on the old way of referrals and word of mouth marketing to bring, attract and deliver new customers.

With a real online strategy almost every business will kill their competition with very little work than they are doing right now. Things like a few articles written on their website, a video shot from their smartphone or a email to every person who has every been in their shop is the key to success THIS YEAR.

Making sure you are at the to of your game in Google is 70% of the reason most people fail at getting traffic or Customers from the online world.


A garden shop is curious on ways to build their online market.

They have been in business for over 10 years. Repeat customers, they like the centre and they have a presence in local free newspapers. They do nothing online right now, however the younger staff know they are missing out on HUGE turnover because they ‘get’ online.

  • Step one – they build a facebook page.
  • Step two – they ask customers to ‘like’ their facebook page
  • Step three – The Garden shop makes a few videos about ‘seasonal garden topics’
  • Step four – they post their Videos on Facebook and Youtube
  • Step Five – they make offers on the FB wall
  • Step Six – they build a small 5 page website

They keep making GREAT content, all for social (FB and YouTube) + they use all this  great content on their site.

They NOW offer online gardening Tips and Offers for ‘Friends of the Garden Shop’ and start having some online coupons. They begin being that garden shop that is giving away garden tips, insights and coupons on Facebook – rather than being the garden shop on jones street.

The Search Engines will pick up on this great new content, like bees to honey and will start ‘indexing’ or cataloguing your garden videos, articles and Facebook page within the ranks of people searching for gardening topics, flowers etc and also for when someone searches for ‘newcastle nursery’ or ‘Brisbane garden shop’.

This strategy outline would cost less than the price of three hours per week for most counter staff. A few hours of setting up Facebook and youtube. And about 15-30 minutes a day to update, curate and post ‘events, ideas and videos’ on the social sites mentioned above.

Your Online Strategy for taking your business Offline and into this year is easier than you think. Online search marketing is Easy and the best way to get ‘online’ for your established offline business.

Don Christie Marketing